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DJI Phantom 4 Battery Adapter Clip

  • €64.99

Extend your flight time!

  • High quality Battery Clip for increasing flight time
  • Attaches to any DJI Phantom 4 battery (normal or high capacity)
  • Requires one aux battery, or two aux batteries with Y cable (optional)
  • Does not require any modding
  • Includes a LED light so you know when to connect the aux batteries

Compatible with Phantom 4 only (not Pro)

Adapter must be mounted on pin 2,3 and 5,6 from the left. (count only the metal pins, not the plastic ones)

Download the installation manual including aux battery recommendations.

Optionally you can add a parallel XT60 cable in order to use two batteries at the same time.
Difference between parallel and serial cable. With the parallel cable, you need two 4S aux batteries. With the serial cable, you need two 2S aux batteries. Warning: do not connect two 4S batteries with the serial cable, or the other way around!

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